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Sunny Alexander Makes Buying and Selling Real Estate Easy!

Sunny Alexander is a licensed real estate broker and leads the Florida team for Sentry Residential Real Estate. For over a decade, Sunny has used the leadership skills she honed in the US Army to guide her clients in all their real estate needs.  

From buying a first-home to selecting their dream home, Sunny’s focus and attention to detail make sure her clients meet their goals.

Buying and selling homes can be challenging.  When problems arise, you want a real estate agent who has the experience and knowledge to find a solution.  Furthermore, you want an agent with tenacity and perserverance needed to resolve every issue. 

Best of all, when emotions run high. Sunny stays calm, focused on the goal and dedicated to her client’s success.     

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Sunny Alexander honed her natural leadership skills in the US Army.  Today she leads a team of real estate professionals who know how to properly buy and sell houses and make her clients happy.  She knows each transaction is different and each client’s motivation is personal and often emotional.  But each sale is an important business transaction, too.

From planning through execution, Sunny listens to her clients, balances emotion with business, and guides them on the best path to reach their goals. She’s available to her clients 24/7, manages everyone’s expectations, and delivers the best deal possible with no surprises.


If you are selling a home, Sunny’s experience, market knowledge, and salesmanship help to close the sale at an “over-market” price.

If you are buying a home, Sunny’s focus on your needs help find the best value on the right home for you and your family.

She uses a customized mix of professional marketing tools and constantly monitors results, making adjustments as needed. This ensures your home is priced right, effectively marketed, and professionally presented, regardless of market conditions.


Sunny Alexander has the drive and perseverance to find solutions to every real estate challenge. From issues around the presentation to negotiation, and through closing, Sunny has seen them all and has a resolution.

Sunny has trusted sources to handle any situation that might arise. And because she’s worked with them for years, her clients get preferred pricing and priority service.

Plus, Sunny actively networks with real estate agents far beyond South Tampa. This puts your home in front of more prospects and can help quickly find a perfect fit for your next home, wherever you decide to settle.

Two homes recently sold by Sunny Alexander Real Estate.

So Much More than Real Estate Services

Along with her real estate services, you get access to Sunny’s network of trusted home services professionals.  Her referral gets her clients priority service and preferred pricing for:


Lawn Services

Pool Services

Interior Design





AC / Heating

A customer review of Sunny Alexander Real Estate
Two homes in Tampa recently sold by Sunny Alexander Real Estate

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