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Shop Local | Spotlight on Local Business


Inside the Green Store in Interbay

If you drive down Interbay it’s hard to miss the grocery store with the bright green roof.  The store’s real name is the Interbay Market but locals have been calling it the “Green Store” for so long, the name has stuck. Family-owned and operated since 1985, “the Green Store” offers a variety of delicious homemade food, prime cut meats, and grocery items to South Tampa residents.

Venture into this unique grocery-deli and you will be personally greeted by friendly staff. Many shoppers are known by name as The Green Store has served generations of South Tampa residents.

Homemade Foods and Personal Touch

The Green Store boasts a variety of homemade Cuban and American food including their Cuban sandwich known as one of the best in the bay.  In addition, you will find some of the best cuts of meat in the area at their market.  Plenty of locals do most of their grocery shopping at the market that features good pricing with a personal touch.

The original Interbay Market was a 2,000 sq ft building and was built in 1942. Owners Hani and Maria Shoubaki bought the establishment in 1985 and were the only two employees.  In 1998, the old store was demolished and the current 10,000-square-foot building was built in its place. With the business growing, the Shoubakis have since enlisted more help from the family: Elisa Lopez (Maria’s mother), and Samuel and Hussien Shoubaki (Hani and Maria’s two eldest sons). Even Shoubaki’s youngest son, Omar, helps out while on break from attending Florida State University.

Serving the Military

The Green Store frequently caters events and meetings for MacDill Air Force Base. Multiple framed certificates of appreciation from divisions such as the U.S. Special Operations Command and U.S. Central Command hang on the wall near the checkout counter.

“Having my son, Hussien, serve in the U.S. Army; and my daughter, Halina, active in the U.S. Air Force, I have a whole new appreciation for the servicemen and women in our country. It is an honor to be able to serve them in return.”

The American Dream is Alive and Well

After 33 years in business the market still takes up most of Shoubaki’s time, but he doesn’t mind. “I am extremely happy, exactly where I want to be. I have a loving family and a prosperous business…I couldn’t be any happier,” he says. The Shoubaki’s story of Interbay Market is a classic example that the American dream is alive and well.

6110 Interbay Boulevard * (813) 839-7542

Volunteer Now! | Local Animal Shelters


Kitten Season

It’s kitten season and local animal shelters are inundated with underage kittens. Unfortunately, local animal shelters do not have the resources to provide more underage kittens the care they require. Here are ways you can help.

Support the Humane Society of Tampa’s special foster program designed to make it convenient for good Samaritans to care for newborn kittens in their home. They will provide all the necessary tools, including care kits, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery and tips on bottle feeding. Once the kittens are 6 weeks of age, they will take over care and find them loving homes.

St. Francis Society Animal Rescue is fostering over 600 kittens and cats, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay has over 300 and the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center is at 232 percent capacity. 

If you can’t foster kittens, you can donate supplies from the Humane Society’s Wish List and have them directly delivered to the Shelter. Want to double the impact of your gift? Shop at Amazon Smile and choose Humane Society of Tampa Bay as your Charity! Not only will we get the wonderful supplies you buy but we’ll also receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale. You can have items mailed directly to our shelter at 3607 N. Armenia Avenue, Tampa, FL 33607.

Family Fun Day! | The Little Farm


The Little Farm in Ballast Point

If you want a farm experience but don’t want to leave Tampa, you’re sure to enjoy The Little Farm of South Tampa. Known to locals as a hidden gem, the Farm is free to tour and gives young and old a taste of bygone days. Hidden at a dead-end street off Interbay Boulevard in South Tampa, many have no idea it exists. The Little Farm is home to numerous critters who freely traverse the premises. Your “tour guide”, the Farm’s friendly barn dog, follows visitors around the premises and enjoys being petted.

Originally founded in 1909, The Little Farm is in the Ballast Point area of South Tampa. It is home to dairy cows, cattle, pigs, bunnies, goats, ducks, one goose, chickens, homing pigeons, an adorable barn dog and over 250 beehives in the Summer.

Children Love the Animals

Children delight in being greeted by the farm’s adorable baby goats. These “official greeters” enjoy being petted and will follow you around as you take in the sights. Horses, chickens, homing pigeons, and more reside at the Little Farm. As you walk throughout the farm you will find small chairs placed randomly around for young children who might care to “sit a spell” and rest. (Boots or covered toe shoes are recommended as the farm is often muddy.)

Seasonal Honey and Spa Products

This working farm sells farm fresh eggs, butter, fresh milk, fresh cheeses, yogurt, and cottage cheese. One of the most popular items is their fresh honey.  You can buy their seasonal honey in different flavors and if no one is around, you’re invited to use the “honor system.” Signs encourage you to log down how much you took in a binder and leave cash in the lockbox provided. They also carry a small line of homemade spa and bath products. Their sugar scrub along with, homemade bath salts and beeswax candles are popular items. Handmade signs help visitors not to miss key points of interest including the homing pigeon loft, hog pen, cow stalls, chicken coop, and milking parlor.

The Little Farm is owned by the Lambert family. The late Marion Lambert and his wife Nancy discovered the farm in 1971 when they were looking for a lost pet. Marion and Nancy instantly fell in love with the farm and began calling it home shortly thereafter.  Both worked the farm every day for 50 years. Today their daughter Blue and her family have taken over the farm. Blue says she is honored with her family by her side, to continue what her father and mother started years ago. Blue and her family will continue farming in the same tradition and look forward to bringing new family fun elements to their working, urban farm.

If you go:

  • Call before coming to make sure someone is home.

  • Don’t visit during rain as the animals may be nestled under shelter.

  • Call ahead if you wish to purchase a specific item to ensure availability.

  • Cash is the only form of payment accepted please bring enough to make change.

The Little Farm is open from 6:30-am to 7:30 pm Monday thru-Sunday.  It is located at 6101 South 2nd St. in Ballast Point.  813-892-9418.